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I... I think I may just have almost finished the first draft of my thesis.

Okay, a lot of the results are preliminary, the "Conclusions and Outlook" section kind of does not exists as of yet but. Yeah. Lots and lots of buts if I'm honest, but it has reached the point where I can send it to my advisor. Which is good, because today is the deadline and there wasn't really a question about if I could make it and I'm certainly not satisfied with the how, but...
It's officially the start of the end?

It's officially the start of the end.

What a curious, curious feeling.


Sep. 27th, 2012 02:06 pm
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Submitted today.
Presentation's on Tuesday.

Well, no, I'm not, there's still a presentation to design and a paper to write, but... DONE!

And now back to [ profile] 120_minuten! The final spurt is amazing and intimidating! And I want to take part. And have to read. So much to read! ♥ Everybody, I'm sorry if I don't comment, but... Yeah. Holy fuck.

Or I could sleep. I could need a week or two of sleep...
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Soooooo... my (hopefully) last calculations are running, my advisor is (hopefully) reading the first 48 pages of my thesis, the appendix is complete and I still want to submit next week.

To Do
• write convergence analysis
• wait for last results and make pretty diagram out of them
• write material property analysis
• write summary and outlook
get my head out my arse and actually do something!

Really. I want to have this thing finished in a week and I'm sitting here, sleeping late, reading (bad) fanfic and waiting for the sky to fall or panic to hit.
...And I don't even mind, because... yeah, no panic whatsoever. How's that even possible?

So, dear flist, who wants to talk me into a panic attack? I really could need one right about now. (It makes writing so much easier...)

In unrelated news: The contract for the PhD position exists. But I only get it, when I have proof I graduated. And I can only get a flat with the contract, so I guess.. Yeah, more procrastination, since I can't do anything right now. Yay!

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?
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So langsam neigt sich alles dem Ende zu. Die Prüfungsphase (noch 1 Monat), meine Motivation (keine mehr), mein Studium (noch eine Abschlussarbeit). - Der richtige Moment also um anhand einer YouTube-Recherche herauszufinden, warum zur Hölle ich tue, was ich tue.

...Will sagen: Mein Mitbewohner hat "Materialwissenschaft" bei YouTube eingegeben, meine Professoren lassen sich gerne filmen und ich mich leicht amüsieren.
Also, das Werbevideo meines aktuellen Studiengangs mit wunderbaren Gastauftritten meines Chefs (oder des Chefs der Person, die ich für gewöhnlich Chef nenne) und diversen Doktoranden aber in viel jünger. - Zu Deutsch: Hey, ich kenn die alle, für mich ist das lustig. :)

Und sehet die Highlights des Saarlands! Ernsthaft, wer würde nicht hier studieren wollen?!

Weitere Gründe, warum man dringend ganz allgemein Materialwissenschaften studieren sollte: Es ist für Superhelden interessant.
Außerdem haben wir es nicht so mit Kreativität oder Humor. ;)

Und WTF?! Holy Musical B@man!?! ♥


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