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It is. It really is.
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Talking to my father on the phone.
Issues, that have to be talked about: Work sucks, I'm smarter than a washing mashine, aqua scaping and spiders.

And he introduced me to Heteropoda davidbowie.
Do not open this cut if you don't want to see a picture of a impossibly cute spider. )

In other very important news: There is a shark genus named Gollum.

...Sometimes I think my life lacks a certain zoology element.
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So... yeah, that's a word count bar. I'm not exactly sure what it does there and how on earth I thought NaNo could be a good idea this year but... Yeah, at this rate I'll finish November 9th, 2016. Sounds good to me, I think I'll leave it at that.

Instead I'll use the bright moments of spare time and train journeys to Berlin for [ profile] de_bingo and unhealthy amounts of Charlie/Oliver. And Dick/Wally/Artemis. And... stuff.

In other news: I got my flat. Paper's almost done. (Well, my part is. For ages.) And I got my hair done today. It almost resembles a real hair style and that is just strange.
Yeah, life is good although I don't exactly remember what 'time' is. But it's November, so that's pretty much a given.
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Hello everybody! I'm back. ...And kind of didn't tell you I was away in the first place.
Hands up, who noticed? ;)

Yep. I was on direly needed vacation. And there's learnings:
• Mallorca is kinda pretty. Even in proximity of tourist towns like Peguera. I like pines and rocks and the sea.
• I apparently like hiking holidays better than beach holidays. Who would have thought?
God, I needed that vacation.
• Never ever read Stephen Fry on the beach. The beach is for swimming and regular turning around, not lying on your stomach and being totally engrossed in a book for hours. I learned that the hard way.
• Don't trust Deutsche Bahn timetables. Just don't.

And that's that. Now I'll switch on the TV, find something to watch and blissfully ignore reality just for a little longer before I'll go back to work and papers and estate agents tomorrow.


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