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2017-03-22 08:02 pm


In an attempt to fuel my insanity, [ profile] nachanca was so kind to put together a table of [ profile] 120_minuten challenges for me:

"Erstmal in Ruhe Panik schieben." Geisterjäger Entführung / Kidnapping
"Das hab ich nie gesagt! ...wann hab ich das gesagt?" JOKER Pflege / Sorge
Funkenflug Die kürzeste Nacht / Sommersonnenwende Heldin ohne Held

Let's see where that takes me.
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2016-03-14 01:03 am

What a curious thing

I... I think I may just have almost finished the first draft of my thesis.

Okay, a lot of the results are preliminary, the "Conclusions and Outlook" section kind of does not exists as of yet but. Yeah. Lots and lots of buts if I'm honest, but it has reached the point where I can send it to my advisor. Which is good, because today is the deadline and there wasn't really a question about if I could make it and I'm certainly not satisfied with the how, but...
It's officially the start of the end?

It's officially the start of the end.

What a curious, curious feeling.
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2015-06-30 02:37 pm

Vital Signs

Remember me?

Today with actual, real content!
Because, guess what I didn't tell you because I'm a horrible human being: I'm in Japan!
The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science granted me a stipend for spending my summer sweating, melting and researching at Nagoya University!

So, that's where I've been the last two weeks: Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan.
Before that I spend an orientation week in Kanagawa, close to Tokyo where I should have learned Japanese. Should have.
Instead I took some pictures, ate a lot and cursed my fish allergy.
And because I'm lazy and tired (I blame Japanese working hours...) I'll just leave that small collage here and pretend that pictures say more than words. Love you, guys!
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2014-06-30 11:02 pm
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Not watching that.

I might be getting a bit depressed by watching football, so let's talk about something awesome: VACATION!

Starting on the 7th of July I'll be on - direly needed - vacation: Driving along Mecklenburg-Vorpommern-ian coast of the Baltic Sea, starting from Hamburg going via Schwerin, Wismar, Rostock and Zingst (and everything inbetween that catches our attention) to Rügen and then to Greifswald and... back.
Sometimes, my colleagues make fun of my desire to travel ridiculously far away.
But it's gonna be awesome and I'll take about a million pictures of seagulls, that's all I need. Also, road trip!

And while that's absoluletly something to gloat about, what I'm really asking is: Postcards, anyone?
The comments are screened, so please feel free to write me your adress. Even the ones of you who are sure I have it. ...Especially you. ;)
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2014-06-25 10:56 pm

Like I have time for that.

Like I have time for that. I've got a trigonometry exam tomorrow, my aunt needs me to pick-up a dozen eggs, and I'm drowning in angst.

Today, another installment of: PhD Comics is - surprisingly - a disturbingly accurate summary of my life:

No seriously, that's me right now. With two deadlines looming around the corner. Nervous breakdown in 3, 2, ...

In other news: I finally started playing LEGO Marvel Super Heroes and it... it is a LEGO video game: It's easy to play, endearingly focussed on small details (seriously, I'm three levels in and in love with the Deadpool cameos and the way LEGO!Black Widow still crushes peoples heads between her tighs) and incredibly playful and silly. - Basically, it's everything I wanted.
And it proves that my laptop is slowly becoming decrepit. *sniff*

But between the deadlines, coming home not before eight in the evening and running around as a toy super hero, I haven't even watched the new Teen Wolf episode yet. And I'm not writing either, my inane AUs are eating me from the inside!
(And I'm still chronically over-tired. Go figure.)

Also, I can't sign up for a [ profile] 120_minuten team because LJ won't let me.

So... I'll try watching Teen Wolf. And if I fall asleep while doing that... More power to me. =D
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2014-06-05 09:12 pm
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On a scale of one to ten, I'm a C.

So, an update on Sweden: They rejected my application. Which means no stipend. No stipend means no going abroad.
For some reason, I'm the only one who's not surprised.
And after having months to reconsider basically every part of that whole thing, I'm really kinda glad? It'd be much easier and better for my strained psyche that way. On the other hand, it's kinda disappointing? I don't know, but I'm fine.
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2014-05-27 10:26 pm

I think they call it an epiphany - and that's a big word

So, I had plans. Using Livejournal more, writing more ([ profile] nyx_chan bribes me, so that really isn't that much of a problem) and all that incredibly grown-up stuff.

Then, life happened.
My own personal "update LJ until" deadline is today, but honestly, all I can say is:

Because everything else I might be tempted to say will either end in an angry rant or incoherent, bubbly exclamations of 'Shiny!' and 'Oh my god!'.

(And on a completely unrelated note: I started jogging again, and apparently, I actually enjoy it? Confuses the shit out of me.)
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2013-05-13 10:05 pm
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2013-04-21 01:27 pm
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stolen from nessaniel

Go to Wikipedia and look up your birthday (excluding the year). List three neat facts, two births and one death in your journal, including the year.

Read more... )
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2013-02-28 08:32 pm

Why my father is the best I have

Talking to my father on the phone.
Issues, that have to be talked about: Work sucks, I'm smarter than a washing mashine, aqua scaping and spiders.

And he introduced me to Heteropoda davidbowie.
Do not open this cut if you don't want to see a picture of a impossibly cute spider. )

In other very important news: There is a shark genus named Gollum.

...Sometimes I think my life lacks a certain zoology element.
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2012-11-19 02:25 pm
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Status Quo

• Still not married to [ profile] nyx_chan. WHY?!
• Paper is finished and submitted. Farewell-Donauwellen were tasty.
SICK. Spend the last two days whining on the couch. Think I'll go back to that immediately. My head and my sinuses are trying to kill me, I know it!

And since I'll be moving this week (if my sinuses let me) and haven't even looked for a telephone company by now, I just want to say good-bye! See you later!
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2012-11-08 11:37 am

Life! Procrastination! Stuff!

So... yeah, that's a word count bar. I'm not exactly sure what it does there and how on earth I thought NaNo could be a good idea this year but... Yeah, at this rate I'll finish November 9th, 2016. Sounds good to me, I think I'll leave it at that.

Instead I'll use the bright moments of spare time and train journeys to Berlin for [ profile] de_bingo and unhealthy amounts of Charlie/Oliver. And Dick/Wally/Artemis. And... stuff.

In other news: I got my flat. Paper's almost done. (Well, my part is. For ages.) And I got my hair done today. It almost resembles a real hair style and that is just strange.
Yeah, life is good although I don't exactly remember what 'time' is. But it's November, so that's pretty much a given.
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2012-10-28 08:27 pm

Messages out of the Woodwork

Hello everybody! I'm back. ...And kind of didn't tell you I was away in the first place.
Hands up, who noticed? ;)

Yep. I was on direly needed vacation. And there's learnings:
• Mallorca is kinda pretty. Even in proximity of tourist towns like Peguera. I like pines and rocks and the sea.
• I apparently like hiking holidays better than beach holidays. Who would have thought?
God, I needed that vacation.
• Never ever read Stephen Fry on the beach. The beach is for swimming and regular turning around, not lying on your stomach and being totally engrossed in a book for hours. I learned that the hard way.
• Don't trust Deutsche Bahn timetables. Just don't.

And that's that. Now I'll switch on the TV, find something to watch and blissfully ignore reality just for a little longer before I'll go back to work and papers and estate agents tomorrow.
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2012-09-27 02:06 pm


Submitted today.
Presentation's on Tuesday.

Well, no, I'm not, there's still a presentation to design and a paper to write, but... DONE!

And now back to [ profile] 120_minuten! The final spurt is amazing and intimidating! And I want to take part. And have to read. So much to read! ♥ Everybody, I'm sorry if I don't comment, but... Yeah. Holy fuck.

Or I could sleep. I could need a week or two of sleep...
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2012-09-12 09:03 pm


Soooooo... my (hopefully) last calculations are running, my advisor is (hopefully) reading the first 48 pages of my thesis, the appendix is complete and I still want to submit next week.

To Do
• write convergence analysis
• wait for last results and make pretty diagram out of them
• write material property analysis
• write summary and outlook
get my head out my arse and actually do something!

Really. I want to have this thing finished in a week and I'm sitting here, sleeping late, reading (bad) fanfic and waiting for the sky to fall or panic to hit.
...And I don't even mind, because... yeah, no panic whatsoever. How's that even possible?

So, dear flist, who wants to talk me into a panic attack? I really could need one right about now. (It makes writing so much easier...)

In unrelated news: The contract for the PhD position exists. But I only get it, when I have proof I graduated. And I can only get a flat with the contract, so I guess.. Yeah, more procrastination, since I can't do anything right now. Yay!

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with me?
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2012-07-31 09:11 pm
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2012-05-07 11:18 pm
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2012-04-04 08:43 pm

So Happy the Carbonite's Gone

Okay. Star Wars Kinect, Lucas ruining everybody's childhood like he's doing for years... Yadda yadda. This is a great ad nevertheless:

And it gets better!
...Or hilarious.
Or absolutely terrifying. I don't know. - And frankly, I don't care.

Yeah, I think I'll just leave it at that.

Just kidding! It gets even better: I'm Han Solo! Seriously: Watch it.
And than lets talk about their 'speaking' crotches please.
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2012-02-23 09:18 pm

Life is tough and then you graduate.

So langsam neigt sich alles dem Ende zu. Die Prüfungsphase (noch 1 Monat), meine Motivation (keine mehr), mein Studium (noch eine Abschlussarbeit). - Der richtige Moment also um anhand einer YouTube-Recherche herauszufinden, warum zur Hölle ich tue, was ich tue.

...Will sagen: Mein Mitbewohner hat "Materialwissenschaft" bei YouTube eingegeben, meine Professoren lassen sich gerne filmen und ich mich leicht amüsieren.
Also, das Werbevideo meines aktuellen Studiengangs mit wunderbaren Gastauftritten meines Chefs (oder des Chefs der Person, die ich für gewöhnlich Chef nenne) und diversen Doktoranden aber in viel jünger. - Zu Deutsch: Hey, ich kenn die alle, für mich ist das lustig. :)

Und sehet die Highlights des Saarlands! Ernsthaft, wer würde nicht hier studieren wollen?!

Weitere Gründe, warum man dringend ganz allgemein Materialwissenschaften studieren sollte: Es ist für Superhelden interessant.
Außerdem haben wir es nicht so mit Kreativität oder Humor. ;)

Und WTF?! Holy Musical B@man!?! ♥
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2012-02-07 08:12 pm


This is a test.

Because working would be... pointless.